Croxley’s story is one of continual evolution.

Originating in the village of Croxley Green in Hertfordshire, England, Croxley was initially known for producing fine writing paper. As its product range expanded so did its sphere of operation. The company came to New Zealand in 1920, in conjunction with John Dickinson & Co. After being involved in several mergers in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the resulting company took the name Croxley Stationery in 1994.

The company, now known as Croxley, has brought many innovations to the market over the years. These include uni-ball pens, the first significant advance in writing instruments since the biro.

More recent innovations include the Warwick Product Selector, an online tool for teachers to help them specify school workbooks that meet the requirements of the curriculum. Another standout is a digital tool that allows customers to format and personalise their own Customised Stationery Products – e.g. diaries and notebooks – online.

While the company has developed many news ways to help its customers succeed, it has also long been a byword for integrity. Rewarding relationships based on trust have been established with stationery and office supplies retailers ever since Croxley’s arrival in New Zealand.


A high level of environmental integrity has long been a hallmark of Croxley. We work right across the operation, from sourcing to our own systems and processes, to maintain the highest levels of sustainability. This goes beyond having certification from several different agencies; sustainability is something we look for in ourselves, our staff and our suppliers.


Croxley is a leader in recycling office consumables, working in partnership with many of the best-known brands in the category. Find out more about our pioneering work in this field.

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