Croxley rewrites working together

​Croxley has always been proud of the partnerships it has forged. Working on behalf of global partners whose products we distribute, or with our retail distributors, we have built relationships of trust that have endured over decades.

In this age of constant re-invention we now look to bring even more to our partnerships. Not only in levels of service and support, but also in creating opportunity for those we work with.

Our aim is to create partnerships that are more collaborative, more dynamic, more wide-ranging and holding more promise for all parties, while retaining the trust and integrity that have always characterised Croxley’s way of doing business.

This means finding simpler and faster ways to do business, at all levels of the relationship.

With a nationwide sales force, distribution capabilities across both islands and strategic partnerships with all New Zealand’s major reseller and retailer networks, Croxley is able to offer supply partners full access to the New Zealand markets. Our knowledge of trends, both international and local enables us to provide advice and guidance to our partners, as part of end to end support for their brands.