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Teacher Health and Wellbeing

Ian Vickers is currently Assistant Principal at Sancta Maria College in Flat Bush, Auckland. He has been involved in education for over 32 years in England, Australia and for the last 18 years here in New Zealand. As a Mathematics specialist he has taught in High Schools from Years 7 -13, including up to Scholarship level, been Head of Mathematics once leading a team of 28 teachers, was a School’s Examinations Officer for 5 years and has been involved in student pastoral care for most of his career. In his current position as an AP, he has a major role to play in providing a caring school community and has instigated a range of initiatives to support the wellbeing of the teachers and support staff. He is passionate advocate for all schools having a staff wellbeing and wellness programme.

Recently Ian wrote a teacher wellbeing booklet for the staff at Sancta Maria, entitled the Good New Habits Book, which he has given us permission to reprint in full.

Download a copy of the booklet here.