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A brand well known for its unique, high end qiality pencils. Made in Germany since 1806, these pencils not only have an unmatched quality, but set a new standard for pencil design and functionality.


Color Giants

A pencil in a class of its own. Chunky with hexagonal shape, highly pigmented, extra thick break resistant leads with smooth textuire and excellent clour laydown. Water and smudge proof.

Super Ferby

A chunky coloured pencil with a triangular shapewhere finding the correct grip is made easy, allowin for hours of effortless drawing. Wood sealed ends, highly pigmented, extra thick break resistant leads.

Rembrandt Art Specials

A set fit for a true artist including 12 assorted artist pencils for creatign brillaint works of art.

Aquacolour Aquarell

Highly pigmented watecolour crayons. Lightfas and extremely smooth. Rich pigmentation with high colour brilliancy. Watersoluable and easy to blend allowing for an unlimited range of shades. Apply dry and release with water.