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Croxley Prepaid Parcels

Croxley Prepaid Parcels are a simple way to send your parcels throughout the land. They’re available from retail outlets up and down New Zealand.

It’s so simple. Choose your parcel. Pay for your parcel. (The price includes both the parcel itself and the postage.) Address your parcel and then drop off the parcel at the counter or drop box.

Description Sizes RRP
Croxley Prepaid Satchel Size 1 110mm x 220mm (DLE) $4.99
Croxley Prepaid Parcel Size 1 160mm x 240mm x 50mm $6.99
Croxley Prepaid Satchel Size 10 162mm x 229mm (C4) $6.50
Croxley Prepaid Parcel Size 10 220mm x 310mm x 145mm $9.99
Croxley Prepaid Satchel Size 15 210mm x 330mm (Foolscap) $7.99
Croxley Prepaid Parcel Size 15 255mm x 380mm x 145mm $11.99
Croxley Prepaid Parcel Size 20 315mm x 425mm x 195mm $15.99
Croxley Prepaid Satchel Size 5 229mm x 324mm (C5) $5.50
Croxley Prepaid Parcel Size 5 165mm x 280mm x 95mm $8.99

Croxley Prepaid Envelopes

Croxley Prepaid Envelopes take the hassle out of the mail process – the postage is already paid.

We can also print your own brand on either postage paid or standard envelopes.

Croxley Prepaid Envelopes

prepaid-envelopes.jpgChoose Prepaid envelopes and you don’t have to buy stamps! Postage is included.

Look for the pack with the distinctive green stripes.

  • Convenient – no queuing for stamps
  • Huge range of sizes
  • Postage never decreases in value
  • Custom print with your logo and message
  • Made in NZ & independent environmental certifications
  • Available from all good stationery stores.

Croxley Standard Envelopes

standard-envelopes.jpgThe perfect choice for quality envelopes – just add an address and stamp.

  • Huge range of sizes
  • Custom print with your logo and message
  • Blue bands on packaging indicate standard envelope
  • Made in NZ & independent environmental certifications
  • Available from all good stationery stores.

Small spaces for your BIG ideas!

custom-envelopes.jpgAdvertise your company or campaign on your envelopes. It’s a simple and effective way to create impact in your market.

Choose either Croxley Prepaid or Standard Envelopes and let us print your envelopes with your design.

Contact our Team on 0800 368 356 or email for a quote or to find out more.

Croxley Stamps and Packaging

Croxley Stamps

croxley-stamps.jpgYour stamp requirements are covered with our 1.40, 2.10, $2.80 and Kiwi Stamp options.

Kiwi Stamps always hold their value, which means if the price of post goes up, your Kiwi Stamp value goes up to match!

All our stamps proudly feature images of our great country and are made in right here in New Zealand. Available from all good stationery stores.

Croxley Packaging

croxley-packaging.jpgIf you need to pack, wrap and protect your items, then Croxley has a great range of mailing products including cartons, bubble bags & mailing tubes. Get your Croxley packaging from all good stationery stores.

Helpful Tips

Satchel or Box?

Satchels are made out of plastic and are great for smaller items that are not delicate and do not have sharp pointy edges. Bubble inserts are available to provide your parcel with extra protection. Boxes are made from sturdy cardboard, and perfect for larger items and contents that need more protection.

Pack it

You can never have too much packing and here are some guidelines:

  • Use bubble wrap, shredded paper, corrugated cardboard and polystyrene nuggets.
  • Individually wrap items to ensure that they don’t damage each other.
  • Markings like ‘Fragile’ and ‘This Way Up’ are good.
  • Sharp or pointy items need to be packaged extra carefully.
  • Bendable items like cards or documents should be between strong pieces of cardboard.
  • Don’t send delicate or sharp items in a satchel.
  • Do not overload the satchels! Stretching or warping can cause the plastic to tear or rupture.

Address it Correctly!

Most of undelivered freight is due to incorrect addressing. Follow these guidelines to ensure your package gets delivered.

  • Check the address is correct. The receivers phone number is always handy!
  • Include your name, return address and phone number.
  • We do not deliver to P.O Box numbers. Sorry.
  • Business addresses are good. There are more chances that someone will be present.

Seal it

Securing your product by sealing it well

  • Use tape on three open edges to seal the boxes.
  • A good tape is at least 4cm in width.
  • Satchels have a seal that is “anti tamper”. Good for keeping everything safely inside.

Send it

Just drop it off at one of the handy lodgment points and send it on its way. Visit the Store Locator page for the closest store to you.


1. Where can I buy and send my Croxley prepaid parcel?
Visit the Store Locator page for the closest store to you. STORE LOCATOR

2. Can my parcel be delivered to a PO Box?
No, we can only deliver to street addresses.

3. What box and satchel sizes are available?
There are 5 boxes and 4 satchels. Click here for sizes. Satchel and Box Sizes

4. Can I track my parcel?
Yes, absolutely. Keep the ‘CUSTOMER RECORD’ portion of your ticket for tracking purposes. TRACK & TRACE

5. Who delivers Croxley Prepaid parcels?
DX Mail is the delivery network for your parcel.

6. Who is DX Mail?
DX Mail is part of the Freightways Group.

7. Are my parcels signed for?
No. Parcels are delivered to the letterbox, door or reception. If no one is there, the parcel is left in a safe place for collection on the occupant’s return.

8. Are there any additional costs?
There are no additional hidden costs, just fill it and send!

9. Is my product insured?
Yes, as long as your parcel contains non-prohibitive items you are covered to the value of $250.00 under the Postal Services Act 1998.

10. What happens if my parcel can’t be delivered?
If for some reason we can’t deliver for you (i.e. person has moved or incorrect address), we will send the parcel back to you.

11. If don’t have Internet access – how can I track my parcel?
Call 0800 MAILING (0800-624-5464). Have your tracking number (CUSTOMER RECORD) ready and the customer services team can advise you on progress.

12. What items shouldn’t be sent by mail?
You have legal responsibilities not to send certain items. Please visit the Terms and Condition pages for the full list.

Service Support

Call 0800 MAILING (0800-624-5464).

Have your tracking number (CUSTOMER RECORD) ready and the customer services team can advise you on progress.

Our phones are operated Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Terms and Conditions

Here’s where you will find more detail around what should not be sent in the mail and the legal matters that are involved when you use Croxley Prepaid. Please click on the link to download a printable PDF.

Dangerous Goods
What products we do not accept being sent.
Downloadable PDF (Dangerous Goods)

Prohibited items
In accordance with our own Terms and Conditions, The Carriage of Goods Act 1979, and the IATA DG Regulations.
Downloadable PDF (Prohibited Items)

Terms & Conditions
The legal stuff that we encourage you to read.
Downloadable PDF (Terms and Conditions)